Outpost // Short Film Trailer


When the last Citizen on the furthest outpost in space makes first contact with intelligent life, he’s forced to not only protect humanity, but that which makes him human: love.

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Work From Home // Daily Short Picks

Work From Home

A conniving female con impersonates an auditor from the IRS and convinces tax-paying citizens to disclose sensitive information over the phone by informing them they qualify for substantial refunds. Director’s Statement I produced this short film independently because I felt the need to give a voice to those who can[…]

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Plurality | Daily Short Pick


After New York City introduces a cutting-edge identity-scanning technology in 2023, citizens can not only unlock doors and make purchases at the touch of a finger, they can be tracked by the police 24/7. Crime drops almost instantly, but an unexpected side effect occurs – people start popping up in[…]

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Son of a Dog

When a normal citizen wants to protect a dog that has been abused by his master, his good will got out of control and became a bloody killing spree. Visit the

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