This is a Dog examines why dogs are so unique, and explores what makes something truly alive and special in our hearts. Our ode to the art of stop motion.

A short conversation between ‘Logic’ and ‘Love’ about what makes a dog a dog. Logic sees a dog for its fur, four legs, and a tail. It is just an animal. Love sees a dog for its energy, spirit, and loyalty. It is her best friend. The overall theme explores what makes something really come alive and special in our hearts. This film is our love letter to the art of stop motion animation, where something made from wire, and foam, and fake fur, comes alive and becomes a real character, full of heart and charm all his own.

Any time a strong visionary director like Wes Anderson or Tim Burton releases a stop motion film, it raises awareness for this rare but wonderful art form. The rising tide lifts all ships. I saw Anderson’s Isle of Dogs as a wonderful opportunity to create some fresh work that celebrates the art form and showcases my work as a filmmaker.