A stopmotion webseries about an evil corporation that enslaves its workers by releasing a plague of bio-mechanical parasites.

Being avid fans of stop motion animation, we are fully aware of the efforts needed to create a fluid progressive film in cohesion with the storyline. Operator is almost a serious parody of some of our favourite sci-fi / horror movies while still keeping some deep creativity in its story. In the original Operator the InfoCorp Corporation enslaves all of its workers with a biomechanical parasite. The web series picks up where the short left off, following workers that escape the initial infection as they fight back against the company. Chaos grows as upper lever employees turn against the company, the mastermind of the biomechanical parasites seeks to take complete control of the company, and everyone deals with the fallout of the Rhizomect System.

I was inspired to make Operator by a few things. Brain controlling parasites like the cordycepts mushroom. Which infects ants, makes them climb as high as they can and grab on so that when the mushroom finally bursts from its head the spores are spread as far as possible.

I was also inspired by what I like to call parasitic ideas. Our minds are made up of ideas that come from endless sources outside of us. But once we accept an idea, it starts to feels like it’s part of us, Even if that idea ends up being terrible for us. I always felt like, if someone convinces of you something, its like they are taking an organ they have, and they are grafting it into your body. The point is that we grow up with this idea that there is a clear barrier between our self, and everything else. Operator is a story in which that barrier is ripped to pieces. What is, and is not us, become extremely unclear.

Beyond the incredible setting, what catches the eye in this head-itching short is the defying camera movements – which neatly mimics all the critical suspenseful shots we are used to seeing in the Hollywood films.

After the success of the 1st short I started thinking about a full series, and once I starting thinking about it a whole new world opened up. I spent 2 years writing 14 new episodes for a complete season. Last year we funded Episode 2 on kickstarter and are now trying to kickstart episode 3.

You can see and support the campaign here.