Sam Zalutsky

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A feature length thriller set on the Oregon Coast Inspired by 50s noir, early Roman Polanski films, Body Heat, and French films like Strangers by the Lake and See the Sea, I wanted to create a movie full of TWISTS AND TURNS where nothing (and no one) is exactly what[…]

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How to Make it to the Promised Land

Summer camp suddenly becomes very strange for Lizzie when she’s forced to play a Holocaust role-play game.

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The Weekend Shortlist: The Go Getters

The Go-Getters Show: The Cocktail

This is the first episode of the webseries The Go-Getters, starring Clea Lewis (Ellen) and Joey Slotnick (Nip/Tuck). Claire and Jeremy have lots of time. And lots of ideas. So why does everything always end up so awkward? The Go Getters explores how two 45 year old besties put the[…]

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How To Make it to The Promised Land - Short Film Trailer

How To Make It To The Promised Land

Summer camp gets really strange for 15-year-old Lizzie when she is forced to play a Holocaust role-play game. One day at summer camp, Lizzie and her fellow campers are divided into SS Officers and Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1941. As the game devolves into chaos, Lizzie tries to avoid[…]

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