Mike Peebler

Crappy Birthday // Daily Short Picks

Crappy Birthday

When Matt’s wife ditches him on his birthday for a free ticket to Coachella, he ends up with a birthday present that will change his life.

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Evie // Crowdfunding Pick We Dig


Fourteen-year-old Evie Beekins has been kept from the world all her life. Raised on a compound in a cult-like rural community where her days are completely controlled and utterly routine, one day her parents drive her to a courthouse and inform her that today is her wedding day, whether she[…]

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Out With a Bang // Daily Short Picks

Out With a Bang

Alan Platt is having a terrible day in a lifetime full of terrible days. It only gets worse when his latest suicide attempt is interrupted by an unexpected visitor who shows Alan that life actually may be worth killing for.

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