Jose Ho-Guanipa

Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story // Short Film Trailer

Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story

“Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story” is a short documentary film focusing on the life of Xoe Xapoian, an actress, model and dancer who lost her leg in an unfortunate car accident just one year ago. Drawing upon an inner reserve of strength, willpower and love, she has been able[…]

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The Hands of Time // Daily Short Picks

The Hands of Time

Treacherous lovers get what they deserve in this noir split screen palindrome. Director’s Statement This film was inspired by the film noir genre of the late ’40s and ’50s popularized by works such as the Lady from Shanghai and The Maltese Falcon. Borrowing the visual technique used by Michel Gondry,[…]

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