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The Two of Us || Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

The Two of Us – LGBT Short Film

An LGBT short film about two young women at the end of their relationship. Amanda (Zoey Moses) and Sophia (Marlies Bell) have been consummating their love in an isolated cabin in the desert for quite some time, but Sophia’s desire to announce their relationship to the world and Amanda’s fear[…]

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The Useless Sea | Daily Short Picks

The Useless Sea

The Salton Sea – California’s largest body of water, and a tragic mistake. Tucked away deep in the Southern Californian desert, the Salton Sea is quite a peculiar place in desperate need of relief to assure the survival of its fragile ecosystem. “The Useless Sea” takes viewers on a cinematic[…]

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Fast Hearts | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

Fast Hearts

“Fast Hearts” chronicles the impromptu romance between two women over the course of one weekend. instagram/fasthearts

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Inland | Crowdfunding Pick We Dig


In the future, overpopulation and climate change have crippled Earth’s resources. A fierce virus of unknown origin has infected millions of humans worldwide, causing them to turn into violent creatures with cannibalistic tendencies. Billions eventually succumbed to the consequences of deadly outbreak, and those unaffected by the mysterious virus faced[…]

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Another Day

A married couple struggles with the fact that their relationship has come to an end.

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