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So I Watch You From Afar // Short Film Trailer

So I Watch You From Afar

A family is terrorized by a drone that starts surveilling their property, pushing them to the brink of sanity and unearthing a dark secret.

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( i am virgin ) || Daily Short Picks

( i am virgin )

Two awkward teenagers, set up by their parents to lose their virginity, come together and connect on their own terms.

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A lonely, old man comes across his fathers radio which resurfaces a cherished memory from his youth.

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Where She Lay

A psychologically scarred young woman who is infatuated with exploring vacant mansions, romanticises and studies each environment not to steal, but as a form of catharsis to escape her unorthodox life. When tensions at home reach a boiling point, she is forced to make a decision that will change her[…]

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