On his way home to see his daughter a man hits a child on the road, The wooden child.

Directors Statement

Wooden child is my second independent short film, it started off with the idea of a child on the road hit by a car, a traumatic moment that gets worse when the child appears to be part of a creepy ceremony , I wrote the idea down in a note book then forgot about it. I came back to the notebook a year later and the idea grabbed me again but I wanted to push it further. I had just finished the festival run of my first film so it was the perfect time to start a new Idea, I set a deadline of 6 months of production and I designed the film around making that possible, so alot of the work would be creating atmosphere through sound and the use of the old recording of ‘in the pines’ by Clayton Mc Michen, I also had fantastic help early on from the film’s sound designer ‘Sarah Walsh’, she really helped building the creepiness through the sfx and score. I’ve always loved horror so I really wanted to try my hand at it, I love Stephen king and David lynch so I really wanted to take this somewhere unusual but also route the concept in folklore mainly the concept of the changeling. I also love the idea of an unreliable narrator, so the audience need to piece together whats actually real here.
Hopefully it worked and the viewer can feel the sense of things being very wrong here throughout.