A grimy tea peddler unwittingly unleashes an un-honored woman from the depths of her own soul… havoc is wreaked as an inter-dimensional tale ensues in this fast-paced mixed-media drama.

Directors Statement

Storm in a Teacup’s non-linear narrative crystalised once I based it on a geometric structure very much inspired by Impulse and Design, the writings by composer Andrzej Panufnik. The use of a triangular structure enabled me to cohesively intertwine three versions of each of the characters that in turn exist in three different places in time, whilst also using the triangular form more literally as a physical means of transitioning between those dimensions.

An underlying theme in my work has been the animated passages between mixed media worlds – in Storm in a Teacup I wanted a more hands-on approach, away from the machine, to create the transitions as set pieces thus showcasing how the film could almost exist as live theatre, which due to my background in live visuals is a hugely inspiring aspect.

The housing of emotional portrayals (of an unhinged woman) using a looser style of stop-frame animation was an experimental project I sought to tie into something more narratively substantial. This came at a time when I found huge solace in the writing of dark, humorous sketches after the birth of my second child: creatively a hugely frustrating period as few commissions, combined with high child care costs, left my hands tied as a full time carer struggling on all manner of mental health fronts (like many before me).

Storm in a Teacup found its voice in the form of a tea advert due to its undeniable connotations: from ’50s product placement aimed at the pill-popping housewife, through to tea-leaf reading which allowed a tenable means of exotic escapism through space and time.

This – my first live-action film – was very much stylized around my creative background in fashion, music and projection, but more importantly it was written with the skills of a talented production team in mind. Despite a lack of budget we were able to shoot everything with high production values but with the necessary amount of experimentation to create a piece that is hugely resonant on many levels and marks an exciting turning point in my career as I find myself pulled towards writing and directing.