During battle, a healer duels with her mortal enemy in an unsettling form, facing an impossible choice that will forever forge her destiny as a warrior.

Director’s Statement

There is so much talk lately about feminine strength and strong female characters in movies. That is what originally attracted me to this project. Chicks with swords. But then I read the script and saw that in addition to the chicks with swords, there were complex characters that while bad ass females where also compassionate. The way they deal with adversity is what is interesting to me. With this short glimpse into a much larger world, they have strength of body and combat skills but also strength of love, selflessness and healing. These two women, no matter how complex their history, have clearly risen above that to create a deep bond and loyalty based on mutual respect. Their love and loyalty to each other gives each the strength to overcome and face the toughest choice of their life in the main conflict of this film. It’s not about all men or all women, no one person is that two dimensional. It’s the balance of strengths from both sides create the best possible characters, stories and society. That is what we hope to show with this short, for Junaaya is part warrior, part healer and all hero.