From the top of a grassy hill, Patrick spots Jane staring up at the hallucinations which until now, he thought only he could see. After an awkward first encounter, Jane brings Patrick to an abandoned building where she smashes things to pieces as a form of self-prescribed therapy. But something dark has been following Patrick, and opening up to Jane has made him vulnerable.

Director’s Statement

I feel incredibly touched and lucky to have been apart of something like this. There are many things I would change from a creative standpoint (hindsight is 20/20!), but I would change nothing about the experience.

I genuinely love the people involved in this film, every single one of them. Never before have I felt so at home on a set. There were problems of course. There were setbacks and compromises as there always are!
But with such a passionate and capable team, we breezed through them and found a way to make it work. Not only do I have the cast and crew to thank, but my family too.

Not only did they provide the financial support that they could, but their support was felt by everyone on the set; literally! My incredible mother catered for a few days of the shoot, and I’ll tell you, she was the most popular person there on those days!

I must also give special consideration to my wife (my girlfriend at the time of this film’s production). Not only did she create the concept art, the paintings and the credit sequence… but this film is entirely inspired by her. This film is my attempt to illustrate how deep of a connection we share. I had never felt a connection so intimate as the one I discovered with her. The feeling cannot be described in words: so I tried to do it with a film instead.

I suspect I’ll be trying for the rest of my life…

So, it is with baited breathe and a nervous heart that I let this film out into the world… I hope that you enjoy it even half as much as we enjoyed making it.