Set in the not-so-distant future, a gamer’s mind get’s lost inside a unique virtual reality involving a Western standoff and a baseball pitch.

As the two contrasting settings seamlessly intertwine in action, we cut to a ticking clock. A man who was immersed inside both scenarios is sitting on a couch with a VR device strapped around his head. Out of breath, his battery meter clicks to zero percent as his body becomes numb. His dog comes up to him, yet the motionless character does not react.

A fantastical, yet alarming glimpse into the potential gaming revolution that is virtual reality.

Director’s Statement

Immersion had its world premiere at the UCLA Festival of Animation in June 2017, where it won ‘most innovative’ animated short. Beginning it’s festival run briefly afterwards, it is currently selected to screen at the Burbank International Film Festival and Animaze – Montreal International Animation Film Festival.