Best Picks of The Month

FLIPPER’S SKATE HEIST follows two masked subjects as they loot a truck guarded by security for its roller skates and then ride through a city in spectacular fashion, avoiding the law, gravity and even death itself. All for a fun night at the legendary Flippers. Worth it.

Director’s Vision for ‘Flipper’s Skate Heist’

The high-octane heist-film features ace roller-skating thieves nabbing skates from a guarded transport vehicle. The skaters make quick work of their pursuers via maze-like streets, back alleys, flying down highways, crashing through buildings and narrowly escaping their pursuers, eventually hiding out in a roller rink that serves as the film’s musical break. The short ends with a cameo from Dr. Dre himself, dishing famous threats if his skates aren’t ultimately returned. Dean ultimately decided to commit to a raw, unfiltered camera movement and style to help convey the pace and suspense of the heist. The goal was to make it feel as real and raw as possible.