A tired old vampire is determined to abandon the path of effortless consumption and give in to his long-abandoned animal instinct.

Director’s Statement

Fine Dining is the result of a screenwriting challenge in which the filmmaker was asked to replace the main characters in their favorite dialogue-driven scene with folklore characters and rewrite the dialogue based on the characters they’ve introduced. I chose Pulp Fiction’s opening scene and replaced the topic of conversation (from Pumpkin refusing to risk his life robbing liquor stores to Vlad Dracul, tired of drinking blood out of socially-approved blood bank bags). Although Fine Dining was first conceived as a result of a screenwriting challenge, we ended up falling in love with the script and decided to film it. However, we weren’t satisfied with creating just another short film – we decided to do something different. The result is a moving, breathing art piece. A painting in motion. Created over the course of 4 months, Fine Dining had to be painted and processed frame-by-frame. The result speaks for itself – I hope that the visual element in this film will inspire fellow filmmakers to push the envelope and work extra hard to produce beautiful images as well as compelling dialogue. I also hope that you enjoy watching this film as much as we enjoyed making it.