A sea otter who is afraid of the ocean is challenged to face his fears when he loses his precious pink shell necklace to the sea.

Director’s Vision

Deep Fears is something radically different from what I usually work with since I’m more into action genres. I want to attempt a film like Deep Fears because I want to see if I’m capable of handling a different genre, something more emotionally-appealing and without dialogue before I leave college. I believe that I achieved that with the limitations set on me and the tools that I had at the time.

Despite this film having a cute art-direction, the film addresses dark themes such as death, grief, and loneliness. There are a lot of subtle hints that appear throughout the film that explain who the protagonist is, what was his past, and where did his fear of the ocean originated.

This film is a proud, local production of CSULB. Everyone directly involved behind the scenes are all students of CSULB: musicians, editors, sound designers, and animators. There was no help outside of CSULB, no digital tricks/filters/After Effects used, and no roto-scoping. Everything in this film was animated, illustrated, edited, and composed from CSULB talent.