Evolutionary // Short Film Trailer


The first contact brought a peaceful treaty, but over time we discovered them to be a ruthless and violent race. ….They had no name given to them by god…..we called them…….hunters.

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey

Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey

In a peaceful future world ruled by Artificial Intelligence, where unregulated dreaming is punishable by death; a young boy must journey into the dreamworld in order to find a cure for his mysteriously ill grandfather. Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey is the first “Sci-Fan” tale to take the viewer on a[…]

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There is No End

A visual essay through the words of the poet Franz Wright and the eyes of a woman, unravelling the generational patterns of conditioning that create the unmanaged expectations we take into life and love. paulspeirs.co.za newcreationcollective.com

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A man seeks to discover his connection with nature while hunted by the onslaught of the machine. lkfilms.com thedeanbrothers.com

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