The Bridge Partner || Featured Short Film

The Bridge Partner

A timid housewife is jolted into a fight for her survival or sanity at her weekly bridge club when she thinks she hears her new partner utter a threat. Gabriel Olson takes us on a mysterious ride through the elderly clubs of tea and bridge playing, where mysteries usually don’t[…]

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Orhan | Short Film Trailer


London. 2008. A foreign man ORHAN stands underneath a bridge. His hands clench the railings which overlook the river Thames. He remembers how he got there. Months earlier: an unexpected phone call from his ex-girlfriend’s sister Lisa unsettles him: his ex Gemma is ill and he has a son, Tristan.[…]

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Il Lucchetto (The Padlock)

When you think you found the perfect lover, when you seal your love to the universe, what’s next? A perfect love scenario, and a Padlock.

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