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Beast - Short Film Trailer

Another wonderful animated dreamy short film trailer, this time with a colorless punch! Beast tells the story of a little girl who doesn’t quite fit in. When she finds herself pulled into a dark and mysterious world full of dangers she understands that it is hard to get back home,[…]

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Grow Up Already - Short Film Trailer

Really looking forward to watching this short, great names with a seemingly lovely storyline. After being dumped by his girlfriend Winnie, Andy Mott is determined to win her back — the only problem is, he’s got a LOT of growing up to do. Starring Johnny Simmons, Odette Annable, Frances Fisher,[…]

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Crimson Milk Short Film Trailer

Holy Cow! Crimson Milk is an unusual but certainly creative trailer like no other. A creepy, robotic tale of a robot calf searching for it’s mother in a slaughterhouse. Judging from Rocky Curby‘s episode 1 of Dark Vessel – A definite must watch – This will be another suspenseful slaughtery[…]

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Serene Valley Short Film Trailer

Serene Valley is a short film that take place in the distant future, where a young girl is sent on a dangerous mission to deliver a young boy to an unknown campground. Through their travels, the two form a close relationship and she questions if she is making the right[…]

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Sheep (singular) Trailer

Sheep (singular) is a kickstarter projects looking for your help! Jake Juba is a filmmaker/musician born and bred in the idyllic lands of North Yorkshire, and is now about to direct a film about sheep. Here is what Jake has to say about his film: Written by playwright Gregory Skulnick,[…]

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L'Isolée Short Film Trailer

L’Isolee is the story of an old solider batteling for his freedom from prison in YPRES trenches, he finds himself the last man left alive trying to figure if the war is over or not. He tries to make contact with the outside world.

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Drifter - Short Film Trailer

Drifter is a story of one man’s journey through the treacherous and ravaged countryside in a Britain plagued by a religion powered guerrilla war. ‘The Drifter’ must navigate through the wastelands armed with little more than his survival instinct and a crumpled map leading the way. Not only must he[…]

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Hibernation - Short Film Trailer

A slow starting trailer, but picks up to be an extremely interesting sci-fi thriller! Joseph is an astronaut set to go where no man has arrived in the Universe through the ‘Hibernation’ program. But something happens between him and his instructor Claire, and decisions that seemed unbreakable begin to crack.[…]

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Dimanche / Sunday Trailer

Oscar nominated animated short film by Montrealer Patrick Doyon After mass, the family gathered at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, as they did every Sunday. With everyone talking at once, it sounded like a family of crows cawing while perched on hydro lines. The town factory has closed its doors and,[…]

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Yellow Creek Short Film Trailer

Yellow Creek is a short film about a reclusive brother and sister are forced to take drastic action when their abusive father returns, threatening to sell the farm they’ve worked hard for years to maintain.

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