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Dark Tunnel || Short Trailer

Dark Tunnel follows the life of a teenage girl who gets connected with an underground organization. This organization is both notorious and gruesome. They are heavy manufacturers of illegal substances and trafficking. She gets in over her head and begins to learn more and more about what they do and[…]

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Untouched || Trailer

During a harsh winter in 1895 two mentally and physically mistreated siblings live with their abusive father on a small farm in the mountains. The older sister attempts to avoid any conflicts with her father. Her little brother has fallen into a state of anxiety and shock. Both live in[…]

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Temptations || Short Film Trailer

A story of two gorgeous women.Victoria, a stunning supermodel trapped in a loveless millionaire marriage, (played by TATYANA FOREST) to David Broder (played by DAVID PEREZ) and Nicole, a small town Alberta girl struggling to achieve her dreams and searching for LOVE in a tangled web of deceit and murder[…]

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The Debt || Short Film Trailer

A couple thinks they have had a bad evening until someone arrives to transfer a debt. The actress seen in the trailer is Samantha Ireland – @ireland_sam Voice is Peggy Schott – @peggyschott_me

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Adorn || Short Film Trailer

A young woman confronts her emotionally unavailable boyfriend after being stood up on their anniversary date. As the reality of their loveless relationship destroys her fantasy of how things could be, she is forced to either sacrifice her desires or be alone.

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Bartleby || Short Film Trailer

An unassuming Wall Street lawyer finds himself beset by a new employee, Bartleby, who refuses to work–in an ongoing act of passive refusal, he simply ‘prefers not to.’ A quiet, dogged battle of the wills ensues in this stop-motion reimagining of a Melville classic.

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