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Second Death || Short Film Trailer

Written & Directed by Dustin Buck & Meghan Nicole Starring: Trisha Zarate as Stefanie Jonathon Tracy as Ole Logan Chitwood as Coen Carly Rucker as Death Cinematographer: Rolando Herrera Edited by Dustin Buck Produced by Meghan Nicole & Don Graham

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Everyday Planning My Escape || Short Trailer

Everyday Planning My Escape is an experimental short film about a young male figure trying to escape his environment to a better life but his peers and surroundings do everything they can to try and delay his departure. Watch the full film here

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Facing Mecca || Short Film Trailer

The hospital calls Fareed; his wife’s cancer has reached its terminal stage. Swiss pensioner Roli comes to his help and takes him to the hospital but the wife passes away shortly after, leaving the Syrian refugee alone with two daughters. Fareed wants to see his wife buried in accordance with[…]

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God's Kingdom || Short Film Trailer

JACK and ELLA travel alone, taking the path less trodden. Dishevelled and dirty they keep away from people, towns and cities, off the grid. They are hiding, on the run, but from what and why? It’s unclear who ALEXANDER works for but what’s apparent is that violence is his forte,[…]

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The Crate || Short Film Trailer

John stumbles upon a mysterious crate and discovers within it a hidden secret that will change the world forever. Starring Jay Gallagher from the Australian Zombie feature film and soon to be TV series.

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Darkdays || Short Film Trailer

Darkday is an original animated graphic novel written by me, Jonas Strandberg Ringh, graphic designer and art director and critically acclaimed Swedish author Danny Wattin. It’s story about guilt, dreams of a better life and the way we bend reality in order to justify and live with our actions. It[…]

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