What is Stock Footage and Why Is Artgrid the Best Option to Pursue

Making a film, of whatever style, length or budget, is a costly process. By this we mean both in terms of the time taken to complete a professionally looking production as well as the money needed to put it all together.

It’s true that the costs associated with the technology needed to produce, shoot and edit a film have been driven down, don’t think for one second that means you can get away without spending a very large sum on the entire creation of your film.

To help you make a top-quality film you may look to enlist the use of stock footage, which has become a very popular resource in recent years, this is in keeping with the fact that we have all become mini-content creators of our own in the rapidly growing user generated world we live in.

What Is Stock Footage

Stock footage is pre-recorded footage that you can use to place within your own production and can cover a number of areas. You might look to use such footage because you simply don’t have the budget to film a crowd scene, an explosion or maybe can access certain locations.

The footage, when secured from a reputable site, is usually of the highest quality and can be seamlessly placed within your own film, so much so that it wouldn’t even be picked up by the viewers’ eye.

Stock footage is very commonly used, even in big budget productions, as it simply serves as an ideal way to get the shot that just isn’t achievable in other ways, at least not without blowing an entire budget.

Royalty-free stock footage, as with royalty-free music, simply indicates that the product is being offered to you on a one-time fee basis, in the instance of most providers this comes in the form of your monthly, or yearly, subscription fee.

Why Artgrid?

Artgrid is, in our view, the best place to get your royalty-free stock footage. They have truly massive libraries stuffed full of excellent content that is well ordered and tagged and easily accessible by any editor or film producer to find precisely the scene or shot that is needed for their productions.

Their subscriptions services are competitively priced, starting from just $25 a month, and this gives you access to a huge database of content.

For your outlay you get unlimited downloads of high-quality 8k footage, which includes a commercial license, meaning you can use these in any way you see fit. Their content is compartmentalized into different genres, making it easier for you to locate just what you are looking for.

What we really find hugely useful is the fact that the footage is sorted by professional filmmakers so that it stands in a storytelling form, therefore making it simple for you to reimagine the sections as they might work in your project.

Some stock footage providers can be confusing when it comes to the licensing, with the fine print sometimes proving a real headache, this isn’t the case with Artgrid. All their content is available for any use you see fit, and it’s all covered by the subscription fee, leaving you free to get to the important stuff, and that’s using their footage to enhance your film.

The boom in content creation has led to a burgeoning licensing industry for those who are seeking to secure high quality footage for a competitive fee. Now there are hundreds of sites and companies offering these services but none of them is as comprehensive, and simply to use, as Artgrid.

There are some providers whose footage, or interface, is of low quality and disorganized, leaving you to flounder as you slowly reduce the standards of your film or video project and others who frankly don’t have a great deal of footage to start with.

Artgrid has both the scale of content and quality, to make the whole experience a walk in the park. The additional, and crucial, benefit is that the whole process is built by filmmakers, and with filmmakers in mind, and that’s what makes their product stand out from the crowd and is why they are a leader in the field.

When you consider that their offering is available at a good rate, there’s really no reason to look elsewhere when it comes to finding a stock footage resource.