Returning Home

We are now entering the festival market!

Welcome Riders, Welcome Aboard:

‘Returning Home’ travels along the train tracks of a young boy’s visual depth, encouraging us to look within as we pass through trials and tribulations that bring us closer to home and closer to hope. Through a devised creative process under The Human Arts Collective, six artists from across the country were virtually brought together to play with and examine what it feels like to be human. Our film transports its audience on their own infinity loop of inner discovery through multiple dream worlds – a poetic drama underwater, a comedic zombie-based comic, a psychological thriller and an animated storybook – that mirror the human experience itself through many emotions and adventurous pathways. As we dive into many artistic mediums, genres and curiosities, we invite you to surrender and trust in life’s unfolding with us on the train ride ‘Returning Home’.

To learn more about the process and The Human Arts Collective, please visit and follow us on IG @thehumanartscollective / @returninghomefilm.