There is a mystery to unfold..
Riyaan and Raja are friends. Riyaan finds out that Kanakamma,Raja’ mother, is missing. Riyaan being a CID’s son is naturally intrigued by her mysterious disappearance. Kanaka is a drama artist.Raja hardly sees his mother without makeup as she was always either ready for work before he is up and returns only late night. All these trivial things give Riyaan a whiff of mystery. He finds a box at Raja’s house which is filled with colored bits of paper each with dates and contact details of Textile shops in Thalassery . When they enquire at these shops they are met with a shocker – Nobody seems to know Kanaka ! It feels like they are spiraling down this mystery .

Back at the house, Riyaan is keeping away the box when he notices ink smudges on the sheet where the box was placed. On closer inspection, he finds a photograph drenched in ink torn half of kanaka with a woman…
Riyaan and Raja goes through a thrilling set of events to unfurl her vanishing and find her with all these clues.. Little did they know they are in for some earth shattering revelations..
Mystery begins here