A lot can happen in two minutes. You could discover that the woman sitting across from you will, one day, become your future wife (now for the easy part of convincing her of that…). Or that Mr. Perfect has some serious mommy issues (I mean, why the hell did he Skype her in on the first date?!). It might even be that you really do like the guy in front of you (you just wish he wouldn’t Air-Drop you his dick pic… yet.

With today’s short attention span, dating has been downgraded to a glorified iPhone gesture. In Ding! we’ll take a long (“hard” 😛 ) look at how crazy things can be. Each self-contained, fast-paced, bite-sized, two-minute short showcases a new couple on a new date, written, directed and performed by an array of established as well as emerging Vancouver talent, rushing towards a climactic ‘Ding!’.