What’s so enticing about gambling that often drives people to sign up with online casinos such as Gclub? Perhaps the video we’re about to review will shed light on that. The main character in “The God of Gamblers” is such an excellent gambler that you will be inspired to place a bet on a slot machine or sports bet the next time you get a chance.

Whether gambling in real life or watching it on film, gambling is an incredible pastime. The potential of winning big is always a thrill. And this feeling is precisely what “The God of Gamblers” delivers.


Ko Chun (Chow Yun Fat) is a master gambler that earns the title “The God of Gamblers.” A Japanese player hires the services of Ko Chun to challenge a Singaporean gambler to avenge his father. After taking on the job, Ko Chun gets into an accident and is nurtured to health by Knife (Andy Lau), who is an upcoming gambler.

The two gamblers are forced to escape assassins sent to take them out, barely making it out with their lives. What follows is an intense high-risk gambling game that’ll blow your mind.


The film follows the story of Ko Chun, a renowned gambler who is nicknamed “The God of Gamblers.”

Ko Chun goes to Tokyo with his girlfriend Janet and his assistant Ko Yee, who also happens to be his cousin. The stage is set for a duel with the country’s best gambler, Tanaka. Ko Chun manages to beat Tanaka in a game of dice and mahjong, earning him Tanaka’s respect as “The God of Gamblers.”

Tanaka hires Ko Chun, paying him with a box of chocolates, to take on a Singaporean gambler that defeated Tanaka’s father, who later committed suicide as a result of the loss. Tanaka offers Ko Chun a bodyguard, Dragon (Charles Heung), who worked as a special operative in the Vietnamese Special Forces.

The twists and turns include a dash of comedy to keep you glued to the screen. Ko Chun has a silly accident while on a train during a fight with some henchmen sent by Ko Chun’s enemies. Ko Chun gets amnesia and is separated from Dragon. An upcoming gambler picks up the candy-loving Ko Chun and nicknames him “Chocolate.”

If you thought it couldn’t get wilder, Ko Yee murders Janet, Ko Chun’s girlfriend, after unsuccessfully trying to seduce her. He burns the evidence linking him to the murder and switches sides to partner with Ko Chun’s enemies. Ko Yee and his new partners send assassins to kill Ko Chun, but Dragon manages to track Ko Chun and Knife, saving them from the killers.

The epic gambling, suspense, and humor between Ko Chun and the Singaporean gambler will leave you on the edge of your seat.
The film was such a hit that it inspired several spinoffs and official sequels. It is a great flick to catch on a lazy Saturday or Sunday.