A coming-of-age, adventure story. An unusual package shows up on Jackson’s doorstep. The contents send him and his friends on an incredible adventure!

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20 Hz

Human hearing is capable of detecting sound waves between 20 and 20.000 Hz. … merely a small fraction of the frequency spectrum. Most sounds around us go unnoticed.

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The Slaughter | Featured Short Film

The Slaughter

A pig farmer tests his unemployed son’s resolve to join the family business. Not for the faint hearted and animal lovers. But that’s the point. Jason Burton Kohl’s film is a controversial one where we look at a damaged father/son relationship that finally comes to a head during the humane[…]

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Not Far From The Tree

An undesirable secret is uncovered as Adrian and Nathan go for a drive, irreversibly changing their relationship and their lives.

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Roar | Featured Short Film


Roar is a film about people with extraordinary powers. Powers they spend their lives battling to control and which ultimately consume them. ‘Roar’ is a supernatural drama that blemishes us with its generational bonds and disconnects. It is a grounded take on the superhero genre, told through real themes and[…]

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Claudia comes to Modica, Sicily, to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Anna. She is not interested anymore and abandons Claudia in a town she doesn’t know. Wandering around town Claudia meets Sandro, who questions all her believes.

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Skinhearts | Online Premiere


What if you could not touch others anymore? What if you became touch-phobic? What if we became an organized, impersonal, faceless, untouchable society set up to avoid all physical contact as a rule of proper behavior to the point of making it illegal? Zoe lives in such society and she[…]

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The idea of this piece was to stage the genesis of a tiny universe, which only exists for a very short time on a glass plate and then dissolves into a messy stream of oil, ink and water. The universe itself needed to appear as a well defined, glowing and[…]

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The Oceanmaker | Featured Short Film

The Oceanmaker

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds. Welcome to the world of disappeared oceans and sky pirates. Lucas Martell created this imaginative world on pure inspirations, and began with a simple idea of[…]

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