The Place of My Birth

As part of a treatment after a tragic accident, Anthony has a device implanted into his neck to dampen the traumatic memories. Written, shot and edited in 2 days, The Place of My Birth was made for the London Sci Fi 48hr Film Challenge 2015.

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One Day in Whitechapel | Short Trailer on Film Shortage

One day in Whitechapel

Two teenagers meet on the opposite sides of the barricades during a racist demonstration and open a dialogue due to circumstance bringing them together. Sam goes to her first demonstration, where she sees this tough battle between the racists and anti-racists. She is forced to do the right thing after[…]

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Two Worlds | Daily Short Picks

Two Worlds

Snibb, a stranded and lonely character, but not by choice. He has been marooned on a desolate and barren planet where he struggles to utilize his weak and failing satellite link to attempt daily distress beacons for rescue. Through fate, he may have a way out.

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Survival Guide | Daily Short Pick

Survival Guide

It’s 1987 and a child abductor is at large in the neighbourhood. Locked out in the cold and face-to-face with shadowy strangers, Fleur, an 11-year-old girl guide, must make quick decisions about who she can trust.

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A foolhardy security guard has the night from Hell when his curiosity sends him investigating what goes on… Downstairs.

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I'm Not Sorry | Featured Short Film

I’m Not Sorry

A lonely and disturbed man wants nothing more than to fit in and find a partner but his self-loathing and violent tendencies prevent that from becoming a reality. Ok this one’s a little creepy, disturbing and whatever else you want to call it. But despite its outrageous and uncomfortable nature,[…]

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Imaginary Fiend

Everything goes wrong when an agoraphobic misanthropist orders himself an imaginary enemy.

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Liebe (love)

Liebe (Love) tells the story of a love triangle between a man, a maiden and a monster.

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Open City: Kids

Left to their own devices, two East New York siblings find a new game to play – mimicking the family business. Based On A True Story. KIDS is an excerpt from the series, Open City Mixtape. This a collection of narrative and documentary short films about life in New York’s[…]

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K9 | Short Trailer on Film Shortage


We have to stay awake, Otherwise we will die in sleep …

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