Halloween Week | House Inherit

House Inherited

A young couple inherits a run-down farmhouse with some serious baggage. The whole production of this horror short film was done pretty guerilla style and super-low budget in just a single weekend as part of the first annual Austin 48-Hour Film Horror Project. We shot it out in Boerne, TX[…]

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Rhett and Deacon, white teenagers growing up in rural Arkansas, have blood on their hands after committing a racially motivated murder. In the hours afterward, Rhett struggles to reconcile his guilt with his racial beliefs, while drawn to the affections of a local waitress. facebook.com/DixieShortFilm Instagram.com/auplekar Twitter.com/younguplekar auplekar.com/Dixie

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Werewolf Horseman Mummy

Two uniquely creative New York City artists have combined forces to deliver an eerie and quirky 60 second Halloween animation, Werewolf Horseman Mummy. For the collaboration, animator/artist Case Jernigan films stop-motion footage of ink drawings with handmade paper, and electro-groove music producer Love Science Music composes and manipulates digital sound[…]

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Intrusion | Featured Short Film


A first person/found footage suspense, delving into the happenings of a home invasion. Before watching make sure to go check all your locks first. ‘Intrusion’ is simple, cheap and has almost no cinematic aesthetic, but it certainly holds all the elements to create epically realistic suspense flick – where the[…]

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When a late night drive takes a turn for the worst, a man discovers that the world around him isn’t what it seems. garyallen.tv twitter.com/jonezybear

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In a small village in Southern Italy, a solitary old man afflicted by alcoholism wanders off into the countryside for a walk that will change his life forever. Without-ShortFilm.com facebook.com/withoutshortmovie twitter.com/WithoutTheMovie

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Sweet Dreams

Is it just a bad dream? serialb-movie.com facebook.com/SerialbMovie twitter.com/Jchris_02

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Cover Girl | Online Premiere

Cover Girl

A fashion model receives a job offer that could put her struggling career back on track, but things are not quite as they appear. Lyrical and mysterious, Cover Girl pulls away from conventional narrative to explore the influence of objectification on the psyche and the complicated, frightening aftermath of being[…]

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Claudia always imagined she would drive off into the sunset in the beautiful Ford Capri she was promised by her father. Once she set off to escape her town things were going to change and her life would really start. When hard times forced the sale of the car Claudia’s[…]

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005 Jumpers | Breaking The Scene

005 Jumpers

One way or another, Paul is getting Cody off the roof. The one shot wonder, ‘Jumpers’ was made as part of a series of short films for the Takeaway Scenes project with several restricting rules. But even before knowing the rules we need to make sure the film works well[…]

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