Ostiary // Short Film Trailer


A lonely space traveler violently crashes on an undiscovered planet. Stranded and running low on food, he decides to venture out into a planet’s mysterious environment in search of nutrition. However, he soon finds himself in a situation that’s far more dire.

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The Faceless Man // Featured Short Film

The Faceless Man

The Faceless Man is an offbeat fable about a disillusioned man who discovers his face has been transformed into a mirror and must venture out into the world to reclaim his identity. One of the unwritten rules in cinema is to heavily limit the use of mirrors in a scene,[…]

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Aeris | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage


100 years after pollution has destroyed the world’s biosphere one man feels trapped in an under- ground colony and ventures out into the unknown. aerisfilm.com facebook.com/AERISFILM twitter.com/AERISFILM

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My Forgotten Friend

Our dear Amelie loves to draw her imaginary friend. One night, she wishes that her friend would be more than just a drawing. Little did she know, her simple wish may lead her somewhere she never thought she could venture to. facebook.com/MyForgottenFriend

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