The Spotter // Daily Short Picks

The Spotter

In the near future, a criminal is roped into helping a group flee from an oppressive government surveillance system. Director’s Statement “Under observation, we act less free, which means we effectively are less free.” -Edward Snowden “Should surveillance be usable for petty crimes like jaywalking or minor drug possession? Or[…]

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So I Watch You From Afar // Short Film Trailer

So I Watch You From Afar

A family is terrorized by a drone that starts surveilling their property, pushing them to the brink of sanity and unearthing a dark secret.

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The Drone // Daily Short Picks

The Drone

A short film depicting a near future society entirely under surveillance. Leon is a highly qualified surveillance officer working for an undercover organisation. He never makes an error of judgement, but away from his work, Leon lives an isolated, monotonous, and mechanical life. This is about to change when he[…]

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Test is the story of a seemingly unremarkable man who spends one day at a mysterious facility taking a bizarre test. As the test unfolds, he interacts with the odd and detached employees of the facility who guide him between sections, obscuring the intentions and duration of the test. Test[…]

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The pacing trailer for upcoming short film ‘Shadows’ has been released last week by Camelot Films, and we had the chance to have a little chat with the Director Luke Armstrong and Producer Johnny Sachon to tell us a little bit more about the film. Tell us a little more[…]

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Tiny Tape Recorder | Featured Short Film

Tiny Tape Recorder

A man discovers a tape recorder implanted in his ear that has been monitoring and recording his entire life from the moment of his birth. ‘The Tiny Tape Recorder’ is a stylistic film about a man who, after suffering from intense headaches, discovers a tape recorder embedded in his ear.[…]

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