Jess // Featured Short


A comedy about a superhero and her insecure boyfriend. After a botched laser eye surgery, Jess, an unassuming 29-year-old, becomes a superhero overnight This is the story of Jess’ boyfriend, Mike, who can’t handle his girlfriend’s newfound success of becoming an overnight superhero. It stars Ben Rameaka (Wolf of Wall[…]

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The Untimely Gift // Daily Short Picks

The Untimely Gift

This 2x Academy Qualifying International Film Festival Finalist is about a young boy diagnosed with Astrocytoma who documents his recovery from cancer with his camera. However, after undergoing surgery to remove the tumor, he begins to look at life through a different, more spiritual lens.

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Red || Short Film Trailer


Niklas, a surgeon who lives a life of solitude and is tormented by self hatred, performs regular illegal surgeries for the red market. He works together with Mia, a young prostitute who lures her clients in and drugs them. Niklas is looking for a way out of this dark world,[…]

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The Plan

After years of self-neglect, Ben looks back on an important decision in his life through the twisted memories of a disturbed man.

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