Behind The Scenes: A Report of Connected References

Breaking The Scene: A Report of Connected References

With our Breaking The Scene segment we typically like to dissect a particular stand out scene from a film. A couple of weeks ago our eyes crossed paths with Post Panic’s new “Branded” film ‘A Report of Connected Events‘: a (master)piece that explores iconic moments in film and television history,[…]

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A Report of Connected Events // Featured Short Film

A Report of Connected Events

Exploring iconic moments in film and television history, blurring the lines between our reality and some of our favourite stories. Remember Mischa Rozema? The wonderful cinematic genius who brought us Sundays, winner of best short in 2015 and best trailer in 2014, well he’s back along with production company Post[…]

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Honk If You're Horny | Featured Short Film

Honk If You’re Horny

An enigmatic young musician becomes the captive audience for a crusty old cab driver’s dirty story on the taxi ride from hell! We’ve all been victims of cab drivers sprinkling us with some outrageous personal stories, but none are quite as pervious as Joe Lonie’s ‘sort of’ true story ‘Honk[…]

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The Pavement | Featured Short Film

The Pavement

The city at night, a couple alone. A scream from the woman, the smoke of the gun… In a refreshing piece of storytelling, ‘The Pavement’ blurs the lines of conventional linear storytelling and becomes an intense memory recapitulation and revelation. The overall concept for this story really started with the[…]

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