Theo and Celeste // Featured Short Film

Theo and Celeste

As Theo and Celeste play a game of ‘would you still be my friend if’ to test their new friendship, their hypothetical questions become reality, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and strongest yearnings. On a sunny day with the clearest of skies, new friends Theo and Celeste are[…]

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Operator || Featured Short Film

Operator. Episode 2

A stopmotion webseries about an evil corporation that enslaves its workers by releasing a plague of bio-mechanical parasites. Being avid fans of stop motion animation, we are fully aware of the efforts needed to create a fluid progressive film in cohesion with the storyline. Operator is almost a serious parody[…]

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Bartleby || Short Film Trailer


An unassuming Wall Street lawyer finds himself beset by a new employee, Bartleby, who refuses to work–in an ongoing act of passive refusal, he simply ‘prefers not to.’ A quiet, dogged battle of the wills ensues in this stop-motion reimagining of a Melville classic.

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Battery Life | Featured Short Film

Battery Life

Set in a dystopian desert landscape, a robot family, through the test of tragedy, discovers a dark secret hidden behind the doctrine of a preacher. With all this technical and CG advancements, we sometimes forget how refreshing natural techniques can be. Battery Life is a stop motion short film that[…]

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A Way of Being

A wool puppet and a wooden bench are the characters in a huge foggy world. The puppet wants to leave it but find it harder then expected.

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Skeleton Girl

Skeleton Girl is the story of Millicent, a small orphan girl who lives in a land of make-believe and her overactive imagination. One day as she goes for a walk in the woods, Millicent comes upon an abandoned cemetery where she takes a valuable gem from one of the gravestones.[…]

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A damaged robot attempts to keep his companion alive after a catastrophic accident. facebook/theladyofnames

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Journey of Love

Love is in the air! For Melk, love is in the sea. Encirco Studios proudly presents our latest and greatest installment of our web series, Bad Melk. There will be drama! There will be music! There will be animation, stop-motion animation, and animatronics!

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Top 5 Short Film Trailers 2014

Top 5 Short Trailers of 2014

Here we go again! Our favourite time of the year is upon us with a look back at this year’s most awesomest trailers. Our judgements come from the trailers alone, without any influences from the actual films, and scored based on originality, creativity, editing and story, but most important, the[…]

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Good Grief

Good Grief is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss. Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living. Made in 2012, Good Grief has screened at 19 festivals[…]

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