4/4 // Featured Short Film

– 4/4 –

A woman retreats to a cabin to compose a piece of music only to be haunted by writers block. Films are often about tempo and beat, and able to find a rhythm to carry the audience. In 4/4, Kyle Sawyer set out to create that in the most literal of[…]

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Dawn of the Deaf || Daily Short Picks

Dawn of the Deaf

When a strange sound wipes out the hearing population, a small group of Deaf people must band together to survive. Dawn of The Deaf may sound like another addition to the typical zombie parody films, but we need to thank Robert Savage and his team for completely rewriting the genre[…]

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The Wall || Featured Short Film

The Wall

A visual and abstract exploration of perseverance and the many walls we all face in our lives. Andrew presented his first film of the series ‘Of Walls & Mountains’ just days ago on our Daily Short Picks. Just the time to take a few breaths and we are blessed with[…]

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The Sound of Anomaly

The Sound of Anomaly

We rarely get the chance to talk about sound design and music in short films, but we cannot deny the importance of it to keep an audience intrigued and glued to the film for the entire length. The evidence could not be clearer in Salomon Lighthelm‘s incredible short film ‘Anomaly’,[…]

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This Is Normal | Featured Short Film

This Is Normal

Despite the controversy to undergo an experimental medical procedure that is supposed to ‘cure’ her of her deafness, Gwen risks her friends, culture, and identity to discover the answer to the question. What is normal? Whether we’re talking about people with physical differences or people of different faiths or cultures,[…]

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Confusion Through Sand | Featured Short Film

Confusion Through Sand

A nineteen year old kid finds himself alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell and trained to react. The guys from Ornana are back once again with another stunning short film, one that we’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. Teased by the trailer a while back, the[…]

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Anna is learning to live without Otto. She face the choice she’s made. Nothing is permanent… whambam.com.au Facebook.com/whambamfilms twitter.com/we_are_wham_bam

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Call Back | Featured Short Film

Call Back

We all do things we regret, things we want to erase, forget, change Created on almost no budget, Call Back is a quick and effective film that captures us inside a brief moment of regret, where our our protagonist tries to figure out how he got into his dreaded predicament.[…]

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Icarus Down | Short Film Trailer

Icarus Down

A military vessel is shot down on an unknown planet, creating darkness and chaos among its passengers. Icarus Down is a groundbreaking live-action short film seeking your contribution to help accomplish their ultimate goal. The film is entirely shot, but they have lots of work left in post production. Having[…]

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