Flight // Daily Short Picks

Flight- If Life Had a Safety Demonstration

Pulling apart the most recognized piece of choreography- the inflight safety demonstration to create an intimate journey of rebellion and finding your own voice against the boundaries of society. Director’s Statement I wanted to explore in a very abstract way the idea of conforming to gendered expectations and the mask[…]

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Castells // Daily Short Picks


Castells is a film that looks into the art of human towers in Catalonia. It explores the characters and the communities that are part of this beautiful and mesmerising tradition. Castells are seemingly a simple activity; people climb on top of each other to create the highest tower. However, under[…]

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Kabita's Story // Short Film Trailer

Kabita’s Story

Kabita is one of many female skateboarders in Nepal, where skateboarding is considered a male oriented sport. The Kathmandu skatepark offers girls like Kabita an opportunity to learn skateboarding, essentially building up their confidence within their society. Donate Now!

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Notes of an Insomniac // Daily Short Picks

Notes Of An Insomniac

Insomnia is a sibling of depression and anxiety. More and more common in our busy, achievement-focussed society. I wanted to make this film in the hope that others that struggle with mental health and sleep might feel a little less lonely.

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Terminus // Daily Short Picks


A clay girl on the subway is eager to reach the terminus…will she make it? A zombie short film in clay animation that touches upon judgement, society and how, without even noticing, we are all accomplices.

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Time Chicken // Daily Short Picks

Time Chicken

In a bid to heal the rift in society, a clucky chicken sets out to find out what came first – the chicken or the egg? Contains giant egg colliders and explosions.

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Isolation // Daily Short Picks


ISOLATION… A short film about a character who abandons societies predictability in a bid to uncover the secrets buried within the mysterious and dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Director’s Statement Throughout the film, the character works to uncover the meaning of solitude, isolation and how removing himself from the[…]

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The Drone // Daily Short Picks

The Drone

A short film depicting a near future society entirely under surveillance. Leon is a highly qualified surveillance officer working for an undercover organisation. He never makes an error of judgement, but away from his work, Leon lives an isolated, monotonous, and mechanical life. This is about to change when he[…]

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The Strapless Brain || Daily Short Picks

The Strapless Brain

Ostracized by the world outside his doors, our everyday man has given up hope of finding any meaningful place in society. But, his trusty AI enabled Rubber Ducky has a different idea. The Rubber Ducky promises total liberation from the monotony of his inside world with the help of a[…]

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Extraction || Daily Short Picks


Jack longs to escape his monotonous routine, but obedience to society and fear of change leave him with more of the same: a busy, yet unfulfilled existence. In this off-kilter world, a group of extractors are targeting those who have neglected to truly live. Jack is next. Directed By Elaine[…]

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