The Fish Doctor // Daily Short Picks


Luigi is the owner of what appears to be a fish shop. Two TV producers discover the strange little shop, and intrigued by his activity, they invite the quirky man to their freak TV show but Luigi will manage to turn everyone into silent fish. Disrector’s Satement The Fish Doctor[…]

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In Color // Featured Short

In Color

A woman on the run goes to a 24 hour barbershop to get a midnight makeover and befriends a 16 year old barber’s apprentice Everything good has to come to an end. ‘In Color’ is the last of six films created by filmmaking trio Andrés Cardona, Hunt Beaty and Wesley[…]

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Happy Place || Daily Shot Picks

Happy Place

Imprisoned inside its packaging and stuck on a toy shop shelf, a lonely radio-controlled toy truck uses its imagination to go on an adventure and find its happy place.

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Tea for Two | Short Film Trailer

Tea for Two

Jim and Alice are serving behind the counter of an idyllic but quiet British village tea shop. When some customers finally arrive, they soon discover it’s more than a pot of tea and a slice of cake being dished up by their hosts.

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