Maddie // Daily Short Picks


A typical Saturday night for twenty-something Maddie becomes a battle between who she is and who she could become. Director’s Statement Maddie was inspired by a traumatic incident I witnessed in Brooklyn, NY and the film explores what happens after surviving a tragic experience, and how one finds herself again.

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If You Tell Your Dreams.. || Daily Short Picks

If You Tell Your Dreams…

This short film tells the story of an estranged middle-aged couple on an otherwise sleepy Saturday, soon to be disturbed by an account of a fresh nightmare which sends their world spiraling into instability, blurring the lines between the dream world and reality.

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Chordashians - Cold Nights

Chordashians – Cold Nights

Two people meet randomly and have an unforgettable night together. A simple story that anyone can relate to. This wonderful unofficial music video for the Brooklyn based Chordashians “Cold Nights” created by Rudy Gold and Christian Guzman takes us through the unforgettable and unexpected night two young people have. A[…]

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