Rocket // Short Film Trailer


A dying old man, a hospice caretaker and her 11 year old son are forced to go on an impromptu road trip. Tensions fly high as the unlikely trio reluctantly hit the road together.

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Hyper Jump || Daily Short Picks

Hyper Jump

An astronaut prepares to be the first person to launch into Hyperspace. Mankind awaits his iconic speech. Except… he forgot to prepare one.

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Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City | Short Trailer

Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City

When an Imperial chase causes a collision with a Rebel ship in space, it forces the two ships to fall into Earth’s atmosphere, causing a massive chain of events in creating new allies to help their fight against the dark side.

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Daily Short Picks | Boldly Gone

Boldly Gone

Boldly Gone is the tale of two estranged brothers who come together to launch their father’s ashes into space. Starring Sean Biggerstaff (The Harry Potter Series), Dimitri Leonidas (The Monuments Men) and Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century).

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The Monsters in My Pocket | Short Film Trailer

The Monsters in My Pocket

Konto. 2016. Rocket Corporation has taken over. Monster Trainers banned, pocket monsters now outlawed. Ash, a young pick-pocket, finds his way into an underground movement driven to take back the city and restore peace to the pocket monster world. Brock, a resistance member, teams up with Nurse Joy, Professor Oak,[…]

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Daily Short Picks | 2am


A 3D animated short film which explores the concept of loneliness, featuring robots against an alien landscape.

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Rocket | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig


Rocket takes you out of your world and into the world of 1950’s dirt track racing. When a champion driver is killed right before he reaches the finish line of a 1947 locals race, his legacy falls on the shoulder of his only child…a daughter named Annie. Twelve years later,[…]

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Harry, a troubled young boy with a vivid imagination wants to fight the forces of evil like his television hero, the Star Ship Captain. When he meets the athletic but slightly awkward Jordan, the two boys set a plan in motion to defeat the forces of evil and save the[…]

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