Firebase || Featured Short Film


While fighting the Vietnam war, both sides face a new kind of threat that neither of them were prepared for. Firebase is Neill Blomkamp’s second of three experimental shorts recently released via his latest baby project Oats Studios. You can see Neill’s 3rd terrifying film Zygote, right here on Film[…]

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The River. My Brother, Me | Featured Short Film

The River. My Brother, Me

When his brother struggles to adapt in the wake of tragedy, a young man tempts fate by returning to the crux of his family’s ruin. A film driven by a mellow tone, where little words will carry a tragedy’s enormous weight. The River, My Brother, Me is a story about[…]

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The Concrete River

Shot on an extremely minuscule budget in Los Angeles, The Concrete River follows a mysterious hacker that finds a serial killer who has been targeting women, instead of turning over the evidence he takes matters into his own hands.

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A woman is caught in an endless dream in which she has to cross the five rivers of Hades, each representing different stages of her relationship.

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River | Featured Short Film


A modern day odyssey story of a Tokyo gigolo and how a violent attack sets in motion a journey back to his childhood roots. ‘River’ comes in as a true breath of fresh narrative, ravaging its energy from the shimmering Tokyo nights. A film detailed on its style, reflecting the[…]

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Les enfants sauvages | Short Film Trailer | Films de chez nous

Les enfants sauvages

(FR) C’est l’été indien. De la bouffe en canne, des cigarettes, un canot et la rivière qui transporte Max et Ariane. Évadés de la ville, ils ne connaissent rien l’un de l’autre, mais partagent un projet. C’est peut-être un bon moment pour s’embarquer dans quelque chose de nouveau. (ENG) Indian[…]

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The River

There is a small river that flows through a quiet suburb. In these suburbs you watch TV, do your laundry, hang around, go swimming, hang around, watch TV, there are aliens, watch TV, watch TV, and the water flows.

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Sur le bord | Films de chez nous

Sur le bord

Sur le bord raconte une histoire mettant en parallèle son personnage principal, une femme souffrant d’épuisement professionnel, et le lieu où elle s’échoue : une auberge fatiguée. Mais au moment où la jeune femme commence à remonter la pente, elle apprend qu’elle devra partir car l’auberge sera démolie sous peu.[…]

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