Pigskin // Featured Short


When cheerleader Laurie accepts a date from the dreamy quarterback, a grisly manifestation of her own bodily insecurities pushes her into a self-destructive nightmare. ‘Pigskin‘ sinks deep into your skin. A seemingly sweet and innocent high school story holds its share anxious secrets as a cheerleader’s insecurities push her into[…]

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Daily Short Picks || Repression


Filmed in a single shot, Repression is a psychological drama set within the mind. When a psychiatrist relives memories he has lost, he attempts to retroactively fight for his crumbling marriage and help his suffering wife.

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Asphyxia | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig


A run in at a roadside bar between a repressed young man and a curious young woman leads to an exploration of their darker impulses On the road and desperate for cash, Jessica strikes up a conversation with James, a mysterious young man eating at a bar in a truck[…]

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Withdrawn from the sentient world, a disturbed woman’s fiendish subconscious presents her with a choice to accept or refute the truth surrounding the brutal murder of her fiancé years prior. ULLA is a haunting tale of inner demons, paranoia and repression.

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