Sweet Things // Featured Short Film

Sweet Things

A woman finally gets the job she’s been waiting for, but a sweet offer never comes without a bitter aftertaste. Director Henry K. Norvalls is continuously defying us with thought-provoking films, and after presenting Shower not too long ago, we are thrilled to share his next film Sweet Things. This[…]

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Aliens // Daily Short Picks


A young woman arrives in a new city. She looks at the people around her and realizes that she doesn’t belong to that world, that everything is alien to her. Even so, she tries to pretend to be one of them, to fit into this strange place. Directors Notes Aliens[…]

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Death Count | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Death Count

A western made in Québec? No way!!! Yi-haaa!!! You’ve read well! Quite a challenge, isn’t it? This is why we are solliciting your help. Making a western is no walk in the park. To create a film that is as realistic as it should be, we need to literally go[…]

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Triangles of Happiness

Trekanter af Lykke Triangles of Happiness is a hyper-realistic comedy about the financial crisis, facades and family life. facebook.com/trekanteraflykke

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