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• 3 months • 1 van • Pía Mía, Noa • A creative exploration into life’s most sacred values: love, freedom, compassion and accessing the present moment. Follow the story of a courageous man who reflects on the profound journey onto new worlds that changed his life. Director’s Statement This[…]

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Everything's OK // Daily Short Picks

Everything’s OK

Sam’s mom isn’t answering his calls. It could be nothing, it’d be childish to panic–Sam knows this but memories of past trauma loosen his grip on the present, forcing him to ask “is she OK?” again, and again, and again.

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Eye For An Eye || Featured Short Film

Eye For An Eye

Once the party is over, Lilah and Echo decide to visit their once best friend, Claire, who just celebrated her birthday with her new boyfriend, Julian, to hand over a little present. Eye for an Eye is one of the 10 editorial fashion films commissioned by Vogue Italia and Fashion[…]

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Life on The Line | Short Trailer

Life on The Line

Epileptic Kieran awakes from a four year coma but is unable to engage in daily life. He works nights, an insomniac drifting in apathy until an unexpected caller challenges his anesthetic state, bringing past and present colliding together.

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Figs For Italo | Short Film Trailer

Figs for Italo

Figs For Italo is about a brother and sister in WWII Italy, and how past events can change everything and ripple into the present.

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Deathly Presents

It’s Christmas eve, and a family discovers a strange present under their tree… But who sent it, and more importantly… what’s inside?

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Croton Falls

After the discovery of a human collective consciousness, Will Kent finds his own reality unhinged between two very different present lives.

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