Amendment 10/60 | featured Short Film

Amendment 10/60

​In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a group of scientists is trying in vain to find a way to save the world. A Professor’s assistant will be called upon to make the most difficult decision of his life. Writers[…]

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Thunder | Featured Short Film


A man stops to walk on a desolate road. In doing so he will be thrust into the light but not without passing through the darkness. When watching films you start coming across storylines that are very similar, and often comes with you saying ‘I’ve seen this a thousand times’.[…]

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Starman | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage


Still living in the past, a has-been daredevil struggles with who he is now that the world has left him behind. His accomplishments and fame still resonate in his thoughts and aspirations, but he can’t seem to accept that his time is done. Finally realizing he cannot live his dreams[…]

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I Am Henry | Short Film Trailer

I Am Henry

This absorbing short drama is set in the hour of King Henry VIII’s death. Written and Directed by Jan Hendrik Verstraten. Starring Sebastian Street, Fleur Keith, Maria de Lima and George Johnston. Producers: Massimo Barbato and Tarik Kemp. Cinematography by Simon Rowling. Composer: Louis Sebastian Mander. Costume Design by Kristen[…]

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White Awake

A successful man and his therapist unravel the troubles of the present by awakening the memories of his past.

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Diwali Dream Garage

With Austin’s life going nowhere and his pipedream of becoming a legendary stuntman on hiatus for the last 25 years he confesses to his best friend Reggie that there is something about his past he can’t remember and has been haunting him recently. In a bizarre spiritual ceremony Reggie sends[…]

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On a night out, two estranged friends reconnect and remember the dark past that tore them apart. Watch Air Balloon on Vimeo on Demand Now

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Mastodon | Featured Short Film


Old memories and ghosts from the past resurface when John reluctantly agrees to help his now-alcoholic childhood friend. ‘Mastodon’ is a tightly rounded film that revolves around strong emotions and linking bonds between the past and present. The film is about three best friends who did everything together, getting into[…]

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Where Do Lilacs Come From | Featured Short Film

Where Do Lilacs Come From

An Alzheimer’s sufferer desperately tries to put together the pieces of his past. Memory might unknowingly be our most fragile asset, as it often fades away with age, and at a frightening pace for those struck with Alzheimer. Filmmaker Matthew Thorne decided to reach a state of mind that not[…]

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The Rapid Eye

When going in a new sort of hypnosis therapy, a girl forces herself to face a dreadful moment from her past. The Rapid Eye is a short experimental art & fashion film which is born from the personal need to experiment with a fragmented way of storytelling, practical effects, aesthetics[…]

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