Who's The Cutest Puppy? // Daily Short Picks

Who’s The Cutest Puppy?

When detectives at the scene of a homicide find no evidence besides an eyewitness who saw the “cutest puppy in the world,” they realize that if they find the cutest puppy… they find their killer. Directors Statement The idea started by joking about how we all ask our dogs questions[…]

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Hannah: A Model // Daily Short Picks

Hannah: A Model

Hannah is an Australian model living the perfect life in Venice California except when she chooses to be “bad”. In this wonderfully absurd parody profile, directed by Blair Beeken, we get a light-hearted jab at the mega beautiful, healthy, and self-absorbed life a model. The performance is pulled off with[…]

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Laserpope // Crowdfunding Pick We Dig


When beloved priest Alessandro is surprisingly elected youngest pope in catholic history he soon starts revolutionizing and rejuvenating the archaic antiquated church system. After a shocking attempt on his life – knocking on the gates of heaven – the youngling can only be resurrected with help of a robotic exo-suit.[…]

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Laserpope // Short Film Trailer

Laserpope – Teaser 2018

Its part pope, part machine. Now cleaning church – one laserbeam at the time. After taking on our 2016 Top 5 trailer list, Laserpope is back with a new trailer and new mission – and he is looking for help! Support the feature film on Kickstarter.

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More stuff || Daily Short Picks

More Stuff

What’s the true meaning of Christmas? More Stuff! We commissioned musical comedian Ben Champion to write and produce a festive song to parody an animated musical. Everyone in our studio was invited to pitch to direct the animation, and Blue Zoo animators Simone Giampaolo and Joe Kinch’s cheeky character’s won[…]

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Laserpope || Short Film Trailer


Its part pope and part machine – its Robocop @ the Vatican – its LASERPOPE!

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The Holiday Card || Short Trailer

The Holiday Card

The Holiday Card is a cerebral, suspense thriller-drama that tells the epic story of one creative team that risked everything for a chance at advertising industry glory.

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Foodfellas | Featured Short Film


An epic crime drama chronicling the rise and fall of a small time fry cook who rises to become the King of Burgers in a cutthroat fast food industry. Everyone loves a good parody film that will just make you laugh once in a while, but Reuben Guberek takes us[…]

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