Flow // Daily Short Picks


Living in a world obsessed on purity and cleanliness, Lana encounters a public act of tremendous cruelty that she unwillingly becomes a part of.

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Hatched // Daily Short Picks


KAY has recently suffered a loss in her life. When her grief manifests itself as an obsession with why 41 children have gone missing in a National Park, Kay desperately searches for answers to uncover the cause. Starring Melissa Ponzio (Series Regular: “Teen Wolf,” “Chicago Fire” + “The Walking Dead,)[…]

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Call Me Alvy // Daily Short Picks

Call Me Alvy

A Bar Mitzvah boy`s obsession with Woody Allen sends his mother to desperate measures before the big day arrives.. Director’s Statement Call Me Alvy began when I wanted to write a short film based on my perception of what being Jewish means to me. I no longer actively practice the[…]

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Taru // Daily Short Picks


At just 19, Taru Mikkonen became a Finnish non-league rally driving champion in a country where racing is a national obsession. Raised by the extended family that is Rokkiralli – a DIY racing scene in Finland –she left a normal childhood in the rear view, to dedicate herself full-time to[…]

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Spearhunter // Daily Short Picks


Deep in the wilds of rural Alabama, a spear-hunter proclaims himself the world’s greatest and erects a museum dedicated to his own obsession. In this atmospheric and darkly funny documentary, an offbeat cast of lovers, acolytes, and critics of the megalomaniacal spear-hunter remember his distinctive tactics both for killing and[…]

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Teeth and Pills // Daily Short Picks

Teeth and Pills

Randy, 8 years old, starts on a mission to lose as many teeth as possible after he finds a Barbie instead of a dollar under his pillow.Meanwhile, his mom is planning the party of a lifetime. As the party unfolds in a series of absurd events, Randy gets more and[…]

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The Keeper // Short Film Trailer

The Keeper

Celeste and Robert meet at a speed dating event. A lonely widow yearning for connection and a lover of art in search of perfection. The distance between longing and obsession is closer than you think.

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Sand // Daily Short Picks


You get up at five, eat your vitamins, take some water with your coffee, work for a few hours, eat your omegas and flavonoids, work a little more, get some exercise and then take a shower. But don’t bother trying to wash the sand out of your hair. A short[…]

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Cruel Perfection // Short Film Trailer

Cruel Perfection

A desperate actress tries an extreme new beauty product when she becomes obsessed with a young celebrity on social media. Premiering on Film Shortage January 23rd!

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Beloved Stranger // Featured Short

Beloved Stranger

The story of an underground boxer that is blinded by his own ambition, and whose obsession ends up challenging his relationship and marking his own destiny. Boxing is known to be one of the most cinematic sports. That is because crude focus, determination and rage is something that often directly[…]

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