Daily Short Picks | What You Can Burn

What You Can Burn

Two adventurers on a hunt for buried treasure find a mysterious stranger has beaten them to it. twitter.com/jeffwtm

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In an abandoned foundry, a young girl wanders alone. She clutches tightly to an ancient coin as she treks toward a mysterious doorway. Elements assault her, testing her resolve. She fights howling winds, earthquakes, and supernatural fire before finally confronting the unknown transformation that lies beyond the threshold. svad.exposure.co/elegy

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A young woman moves halfway across the world to escape a dying relationship, only to find much more than she bargained for when a mysterious man enters her life. Catch “Exile” out from June 2015, playing soon at a film festival near you. thisislekker.com twitter.com/thisislekker facebook.com/thisislekker instagram.com/thisislekker

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The Gentleman Darks | Featured Short Film

The Gentleman Darks

When a fabled man in their rough backwoods named Gentleman calls on them, Abel & Sam nervously head out to the darks to investigate. ‘The Gentleman Darks’ is an incredibly moody piece that will have you lurking on with almost no explanation. We are placed in the middle of a[…]

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Winner of the Iris Prize, the world’s largest LGBT short film prize, ‘Gorilla’ follows a young gay couple on a camping weekend away. The two must face the unknowns in their lives when a mysterious woman arrives at their secluded campsite, with a sinister gorilla mask in her bag. facebook.com/gorillashortfilm[…]

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Blue Sunday

Veteran reporter Nick Spears receives a phone call from a mysterious source informing him of a mass terrorist attack. He agrees to meet with the man who claims that there is no way to stop the threat. Nick involves his editor in the search to uncover the truth, but the[…]

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Itsy Bitsy Spiders | Featured Short Film

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Edwin has a dark obsession with drawing spiders. His mother does her best to curb his increasingly odd behavior. ‘Itsy Bitsy Spiders’ is a curious but intriguing film with a profound set of production values, that place us in an intricate and mysterious setting. The title is evident that the[…]

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The Grey Matter | Featured Short Film

The Grey Matter

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot. So things will get weird, mysteriously and crazily weird. But in a good way. The[…]

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Rest Stop

Rest Stop follows Meredith, a young backpacker desperate to find meaning in her life, when she meets a mysterious stranger in a dingy British service station…claiming to know her. reststopmovie.com facebook.com/reststopmovie Twitter: @iamkateherron made with @LOCOFilmFestival starring @benwillbond

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Double Trouble

It is the story about a shy young man who misses the opportunity to talk to the girl of his dreams. When he finds a mysterious pocket watch that can turn back time, he gets a second chance… climenthedetoft.com/double-trouble facebook.com/ClimentHedetoftFilm twitter.com/andreascliment twitter.com/ahedetoft

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