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4 Weeks – hoodies at night x KROY

Director Thibaut Duverneix makes a visual take on a relationship with an expiry date. The video expresses what happens at the end of this four weeks. It reveals the pain of letting someone into your life then letting them go on purpose. The sexy mini film toys with infidelity, dance,[…]

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All for Me | Short Trailer

All of Me

When a young man realizes his lover does not want a monogamous relationship, he decides to involve his ex-girlfriend in order to find balance in the equation realizing that in love, what you want isn’t always what you need.

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Daily Short Picks | The Jane

The Jane

The Jane is a “choose your own adventure” story that challenges notions of love, monogamy, fate, and our ability to make decisions in general. The film explores one man’s dilemma as he is presented with an unique sexual proposition by two women at The Jane Hotel bar, in New York[…]

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