Tap // Daily Short Picks


Amanda is awoken in the middle of the night by a tapping sound, but soon the terror begins. Director’s Statement Tap is a horror short film starring Katherine Celio and Mike Dinsmore. The project was a labor of love taking two months to complete. It leveraged the talents of Producer[…]

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The Faceless Man // Featured Short Film

The Faceless Man

The Faceless Man is an offbeat fable about a disillusioned man who discovers his face has been transformed into a mirror and must venture out into the world to reclaim his identity. One of the unwritten rules in cinema is to heavily limit the use of mirrors in a scene,[…]

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No Goodbye || Daily Short Picks

No Goodbye

One day, you are forced to look in the mirror. It was the performance of her life, but then, a glance in her dressing mirror changes everything. Who is the stranger in her dressing room? He’s come to pick her up. But what’s the destination?

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Trial | Featured Short Film


A pioneering mind transfer procedure offers a quadriplegic soldier the chance of a new life… but at a terrible cost. Mixing science fiction with a mind thriller can always result into an interesting piece. Trial, by The Brothers Lynch, whilst being a standalone short, also works as a teaser for[…]

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Creep | Daily Short Picks


He’s his own worst enemy. “Creep” is a chiller for the web generation. It’s short and thrillingly to the point and illustrates my belief in the web as a unique medium for entertainment. It was made specifically for online release.

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Next Level | Films de chez nous

Next Level

The lifestyle of a frustrated young man begins to mirror that of an old, retired man living above him. instagram.com/mattdjoyce

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Lovers and Madmen

Lovers and Madmen explores the ultimate scenario of character versus self and isolation. Simon, a failed stage actor, sits alone in a dressing room, going over lines while arguing with his own reflection in the mirror about his self worth. Having lost someone close to him just moments before taking[…]

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Day 33: Approaching the eastern ridge. Signal is going dark. Expect reestablishment of radio contact on far side of borges’ crater. Out. blue-zoo.co.uk facebook.com/bluezooanimation twitter.com/blue_zoo

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