Wine // Daily Short Picks


Gideon, a frustrated middle-aged accountant, wakes up after a heart attack and decides to continue his grandfather’s legacy: making wine.

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Ordinary Girl // Short film trailer

Ordinary Girl

A middle aged couple in a new relationship reveal past secrets while they discuss expectations of their future.

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If You Tell Your Dreams.. || Daily Short Picks

If You Tell Your Dreams…

This short film tells the story of an estranged middle-aged couple on an otherwise sleepy Saturday, soon to be disturbed by an account of a fresh nightmare which sends their world spiraling into instability, blurring the lines between the dream world and reality.

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Honor Student || Featured Short Film

Honor Student

A middle aged woman with nothing left to give meanders through her day just like any other, or so she thought. Honor Student is the type of film that needs little description, but introduces lots of talk – despite its lack of talk in the script. The story follows a[…]

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Lina and Leo | Daily Short Picks

Lina and Leo

Lina and Leo is an offbeat dark comedy about a struggling middle-aged journalist hot on the trail of a recluse, surrealist artist for his next big story. But when he wakes up in the middle of nowhere, buried up to his shoulders with his chicken friend Lina tied to his[…]

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The Flare | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

The Flare

In a world brought back to the pre-Industrial Revolution, a reclusive middle-aged woman goes on a quest to uncover her past before being taken to a permanent retirement facility. Dans un monde retourné à l’ère préindustrielle, une femme tente d’élucider les mystères enfouis dans son passé trouble, à la veille[…]

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Sayuri’s Desire (o desejo de Saiuri)

Homero is a lonely, middle-aged man who decides to meet Saiuri, an escort girl. He just wanted a night of pleasure and desire, but the situation went out of his control after an unexpected event.

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Ringo | Featured Short Film


A lonely middle-aged mother hires a young male prostitute for an evening. When intimacy overwhelms her, she has the escort role-play her son’s life, beginning with his birth. ‘Ringo’ is the type of film that will make you feel a tad uncomfortable, but director Yaara Sumeruk finds a way to[…]

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