Crowdfunding Pick // Dovetail


Harry, a repressed yet intelligent man, is bed bound in hospital, where he avoids any unnecessary interaction with those around him. Before developing pneumonia, he was a well-respected doctor, but his self-destructive behaviour has led to his severe illness. A new patient called Jack is then admitted to the same[…]

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A Date in 2025 // Featured Short Film

A Date in 2025

In the year 2025, ​a young man’s superintelligent AI system tells him that he must go on a date or face certain suicide from loneliness. When Daniel’s superintelligent AI, ‘Counselor’ (Siri on steroids), finds out that he’s been dreaming about one of the girls in his virtua-class, Counselor persuades him[…]

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Outpost // Short Film Trailer


When the last Citizen on the furthest outpost in space makes first contact with intelligent life, he’s forced to not only protect humanity, but that which makes him human: love.

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Class A | Daily Short Picks

Class A

‘Class A’ follows Kurtis, a highly intelligent but socially invisible 16 year old who makes money trading bitcoins on the deep web. Allured by the promise of friendship from a rival classmate, he becomes embroiled into the school yard drug empire but not without his own personal struggles.

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Who Am I

An intriguing character attempts to discover hidden agendas and who he really is, as his psychological reasoning and motives lead to an ultimate revelation. His hidden identify is not obvious – but once known, not only clarifies our understanding, but becomes an intelligent representation of this true persona.

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